The Groundswell Collective is a registered not-for-profit organisation based in beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW. Our team of changemakers bring a diversity of skills, passions and experience, but share a common vision – to create a thriving, connected and sustainable future for Lake Macquarie and beyond.

The Groundswell Team

Anna Noon
Anna NoonPartnerships & Programs
Katie Ryan
Katie RyanCommunications & Community Engagement
Mark Colquhoun
Mark ColquhounEnergy & Innovation

Our Values

  • Community – we believe that a thriving and connected community benefits everyone and creates a positive environment where individuals can grow, learn, and share.

  • Integrity – we believe honesty, trust and keeping our word are vital to building meaningful relationships in and between stakeholders.

  • Innovation – We embrace innovative solutions and technologies that assist to create a cleaner, greener future, constantly seeking new and creative ways to address known sustainability challenges.

  • Education – we believe learning, sharing, and raising awareness about the climate crisis helps to inspire a sense of responsibility and urgency in protecting our planet for current and future generations.

  • Equity and Social Justice – we believe in fairness, inclusion, and the right for all citizens to enjoy the same access to resources and opportunities.

  • Collaboration – we believe partnerships and collaboration among diverse stakeholders is essential for addressing complex sustainability issues effectively.

  • Empowerment – we empower individuals and communities to be stewards of their environment, supporting them with information and resources they need to make informed choices and actions.